Our Vision

Public Safety

Housing and Homelessness

Economic Expansion

Increasing the hiring of sworn Police Officers and Fire fighters

Targeting violent and repeat offenders

Expanding the number of Police "Mental Health Professionals"

Making District 10's roads safer and supporting cycling and walking

Encouraging community engagement and neighborhood watch programs

Increase "Community Policing" programs, where officers police the neighborhoods they live in, leading to less unnecessary 911 calls

Connect new development to transit to make San Jose more affordable without increasing traffic

Develop a city-sponsored jobs program

Encourage new home-ownership

Expanding "Emergency Interim Housing" programs to help get residents off the streets NOW

Read about EIH here ->

Supporting new affordable housing projects in San Jose

Actively develop our San Jose Bridge program

Read about SJ Bridge here ->

Accelerating the city's permitting processes

Encouraging commercial investment within San Jose

Empowering small businesses within District 10

Help employ San Jose residents through partnerships

Cleaning our cities blight (graffiti, vandalism, etc.) to encourage new business

Supporting economic development that leads to higher community engagement

Increase incentives for businesses starting or expanding in the city of San Jose