Nooran Christopher Bayzaie

Council District 10

Make San Jose the safest big city in America again

Promote employment programs and economic development

House our unhoused and clean up our streets

San Jose

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For a Proactive Government

I am doing my duty of putting my name in the running for City Council District 10 to ensure that the opportunities that we have had in San Jose are available for generations to come.

Nooran C. Bayzaie for San Jose City Council District 10 2024 is not endorsed by San Jose Fire Department.

Over recent years, San Jose has taken a rapid turn as an unfeasible option for living. That is why I am throwing myself in the race for San Jose City Council District 10.

Want change? - Vote for it.

It is time that the residents of San Jose stop expecting different results when voting for the same, typical candidate.

Our city hall must work to increase the safety of our streets, expand transitional employment programs for our unhoused residents, and get our homeless into safe, supportive housing.

District 10 Map

In 2022, the San Jose City Council Districts were redrawn.

Below is the redistricted area of District 10.

You can see a more detailed map here ->

News & Updates

Former San Jose staffer enters District 10 race to unseat ex-boss

“We’re trying to revitalize our local government and trying to give it a fresh face. And the best way to do that is with a youthful face. Someone who’s been living in the district his entire life,” Bayzaie said. “I can definitely bring a lot more to the table than the typical candidate.”...